Attention Educators: Your Skills Have Value Beyond the Classroom. All those years of developing and sharpening your skills for curriculum development are about to find additional uses—both in and beyond the classroom.

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You Just Never Know...

You just never know how people will decide to use this training.  But one thing is certain.  Everything you need to get started to develop your own interactive online curriculum is included in the members area of this website.

Meanwhile, the possibilities are truly unlimited.  Consider the following testimonial...


How would you use this training?

The Results Can Be Remarkable

When educators and entrepreneurs team up, the results can truly be remarkable.

Case in point?

When we developed the interactive online curriculum for KAATSU Global, one of a working example within this website, we had know idea that it would actually be featured in the Wall Street Journal newspaper and website.

Yet, here it is on the WSJ Video website...


The KAATSU Global website is one of the working examples that is referenced in the members area of this website.  You will notice that WSJ video displays screenshots of this website in the video above. Click on the video and see it for yourself.

And in the article below, you can access the full-blown story which appeared in both the print as well as online media of WSJ.


The WSJ article introduced KAATSU to many additional market segments that would be interested in the KAATSU products.  After reading the article, many readers visited the KAATSU Global website to learn more.  While they were visiting, they also learned about the KAATSU Certification Program, which is comprised of an interactive online curriculum.

Is it possible to leverage the sale of physical products through an interactive online curriculum?

The answer is a definite yes.

Interactive Online Curricula for Sports?

Interactive online curricula can and have been used even in the athletic world.  For example, open water swimming is an Olympic sport—one which has been featured in the 2008 Beijing Olympics as well as the 2012 London Olympics.  Open water swimming events will also be featured in the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 

With the growing popularity of the sport, the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) and OpenWaterSwimming.com perceived the need for a standardized certification and training program for open water swimming coaches, and this is another one of the working examples referenced in the members area of this website.


The Coaches Education Program for Open Water Swimming is a highly-specialized, interactive online curriculum, and it is another working example of what can be done with the training which is available within the members area of this website.

Are you seeing the value of this?

You can literally take any idea and turn it into an interactive online curriculum.

The potential application and uses for interactive online curricula are truly unlimited, and this is true from so many different perspectives.

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