FTC Disclosure
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FTC Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links to other websites.  In other words, there are products and/or services whose providers will pay Educo Technologies, Inc. (i.e., the provider of OnlineCurriculumDevelopment.com) a commission if you like what they have to offer and decide to purchase their products or subscribe to their services.

Other ways that Educo Technologies, Inc. can derive an income from this website include the premium (i.e., paid) membership levels of this website, which—with respect to accessing the training modules within this site—are separated into four levels of access privileges.  The four premium levels of membership are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

It is also possible that—in addition to accessing the training modules—customers may contact Educo Technologies, Inc. or Damien Jordan to request additional training.  In such cases, paid consulting services may be offered on a case-by-case basis depending on our current availability, schedule or workload.

The training modules within this website are designed to teach anyone how to build their own interactive online curriculum and deliver it to the online marketplace in style.